Born in 2002, Roman DOC. Nicknamed by all "El Tiburon", the shark. And he's just of age. He recognizes his guide animal. He feels it. Gabriele Artistico is considered one of the most promising strikers on the Italian scene. Born in Rome, grandson of the great bomber Ciccio Artistico (born in 1969 with many years in Perugia and Torino among many others) Gabriele is growing in Parma, first in the Under 17 youth teams, then in the Under 19 and now ... he is skipping steps!
Classic number 9, although he now proudly wears shirt number 21. A modern striker. Strong physically but also with excellent technique. Lethal in front of goal, he moves like a shark in the penalty area. He has the goal in his mind, a true striker physique, strong in the head, capable of fighting for the team and getting it up for attacking actions. He can act as a pivot and, if necessary, also as an offensive playmaker with his changes and his assisats with the right timing for his teammates, just like ... an artist! Moreover, he has rhythm. The rhythm of the shark as it swims fast towards its prey. Relentless, pounding.

Name:  Gabriele Artistico
Nationality: Italian
Club: Renate
Birthday: 14.07.1997
Position: Striker
Instagram: @el.tiburon9
Main feature? He never gives up. An hard player for any defense. His good performances earned him the call with the first team. And in the Coppa Italia match they won against Pescara. To certify his exponential growth, Uncle Ciccio thinks about it: "I followed him a lot, in my opinion he is a predestined: he has the right mind, he always works to the maximum, he pays attention to nutrition. I think there are all the prerequisites for him to have a very good career because beyond the human aspect, which is the right one to be a professional, I think he also has very important skills". Qualities that make him ready for important stages. Gabriele played one season for Monterosi in Serie C and helped the team to achieve a very good position on the table. He also scored 4 goals with this jersey. After the experience in Monterosi El Tibu played for Gubbio. He had 11 appearances and 2 scores. Now a new great experience has started for him. Gabriele is a new striker of Renate and, as always, he will help the team to reach its main goals.